What critics had to say about Jules Gray's CD:

'Jules is a great songwriter and a very emotional singer. The album opens with a great song and the last one is -melodically and on the lyrics side- the perfect tune to close a record with. Everybody finds different influences when listening to a new artist, well, I can hear some Dylan "Rolling Thunder Revue" era and some Waterboys too, but everything flows into a very personal style. Thanks Jules for the great music!'

- Francesco Lucarelli

'Great stuff. Good tunes, strong voice. You can hear the Neil Young influence, of that there is no doubt (nice take on "Southern Pacific"!) and there are definitely Waterboys type influences going on there as well. I can imagine Jules leading up a rowdy traditional music night in an Irish pub. Get this CD, folks!'

- Carl Armbruster Barrel of Laughs

'Surprisingly diverse in style and vocal range. Good tunes, innarestin' lyrics, nice arrangements with a Celtic feel. Give it a listen!'

- Nick Birch Jesus, where has nature gone

'I've been listening to the album by our Jules Gray, and it's very impressive. Besides Jules having a very strong, smooth voice, the songs have melodies that slowly grow on me,and the background instrumentation is very subtle and memorable. It reminds me of the Billy Talbot album in terms of haunting quality of the songs and the way they stay with you. Also, the version of Neil's "Southern Pacific" is very sensitively done. Hearing Jules's voice singing the lyrics and strumming the melody, you can tell that he's very deeply channeling the emotions and soul of the words and music. The album has lots of memorable qualities that gradually reveal themselves on repeated listenings. I can tell that the album comes from a very heartfelt place, with songs that have been well-honed over time.'

- Ian Rosen Where the people are the real stars

'Folks, this is one very good album! I could easily start to mention Jules' musical references, but it wouldn't be fair - because the songs on the album stand very well on their own. There are several brilliant pop melodies here and they are delivered with wonderful, mostly acoustic, instrumentation. I very much like the use of the fiddle. Fact is that there's not one single bad song on the record, most of them are plain superb. And the production and arrangments are mostly perfect, thorough without crossing the line of being too much. Jules voice took me a while to get used to, but it works very well mostly, although not being technically great. And like I said, although there are many echoes of Neil, Dylan, R.E.M. etc., these songs have their own life. My favourite new album so far this year!'

- Pontus Emilsson Poke at Pontus

'The thing that most strikes me about this CD is my wife's reaction. She's used to me getting CDs from singers and bands that I know (local things, etc.). This CD was playing when she came in from outside, and asked what it was, and I said it was the CD from the British guy and she said, "Oh! it sounds like a real CD!" It is a real CD. The performances are understated, which suits Jules's songwriting well. He has a great combination of evocative lyrics and solid, lightly dreamy arrangements ("Looking for Someone" is a standout in that regard.). I credit him as well, for not trying to make a "big hit." He lets his songs unfold at their own pace, toward their overall goals. That said, "Everything You Know Is Wrong" should have been a big hit. But really, the way these songs unfold is through the experience of the whole song. It's very well done. After the forementioned, other standout tracks include the wistful "One Way Traffic," and the wonderfully grungy "I Won't Count on It."'

- John Gallaher Only a dream

'I took my discman and rode my bicycle to one of my favourite spots near where I live and listened to Jules's CD while sitting in the sun at the waterline with my feet dangling in the water. Jules, you can be proud of this baby. The songs on this CD are highly varied, original, well-constructed, sophisticated songs with intelligent, clever lyrics. The quality of the musicians, the production and arrangements are wonderful. I particularly like the use of the fiddle on many songs and the beautiful interplay between fiddle and whistle on the song "Overflow". This song is the highlight for me, probably together with "A Farewell To Sorrows", a very Dylanesque song which clocks well over 10 minutes. I think this song is Jules's "Like A Rolling Stone", or perhaps "Subterranean Homesick Blues". Jules's harmonica on this song is particularly haunting.'

- Joost Groen I am a child

'I don't suggest you to buy it, I order you to. :-) It's really fucking good.'

- Jose I don't know, I'm just a mouse, you know

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